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  • 1 NUIG Western Hygeine Div 3 Winners
Collingwood Cup 20/02/2015
We would like to wish John Brennan and his staff at NUI Galway all the best for the Collingwood...

Oscar Traynor Match Report 16/02/2015
Match Report from Wexford; Oscar Traynor Wexford League v Galway FA League Wexford win 6-5 on Pens AET Wexford...

Inter League -- Results 14/02/2015
A day of missed chances in the Inter league fixtures;The U13 lost 2-1 to Mayo at EDP this afternoon, Match report...

2015-03-01Girls U12 Division 1
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 2 vs7 Corrib Celtic@Cregmore
2015-03-01Connacht Junior Cup
Mervue Utd 4 vs2 Manor Rangers@Mervue
Moy Villa 0 vs7 Athenry@TBC
St Johns 2 vs1 Maree/Oranmore@St Johns
2015-03-01Joe Ryan Cup 2014/15
West Coast Utd 2 vs1 Corrib Rangers@Carraroe
2015-03-01Galway 17/18 Youths Div 2
Bearna Na Forbacha vs Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Furbo
2015-03-01FAI Umbro Girls U14 Challenge Cup 2014/15
Shelbourne FC Girls 4 vs5 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Shelbourne FC Girls
2015-03-01Girls U12 Championship
Kilshanvey Utd 0 vs2 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Kilconly
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs2 Corrib Celtic@Maree
2015-02-28Connacht Junior Cup
Salthill Devon 4 vs5 Iorras Aontaithe @Drom
2015-02-28Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 1
East Utd 1 vs1 Mervue Utd@Castle Park
2015-02-28Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 3
Bearna Na Forbacha 7 vs1 Ramblers@Furbo
Corrib Celtic 2 vs4 Mac Dara@Annaghdown
NUI Galway 3 vs1 Claregalway@Dangan
2015-02-28Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 4
Galway Bohs 1 vs1 Kilshanvey Utd@Millers Lane
Kinvara Utd 2 vs1 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Kinvara
2015-02-28Junior Reserve League
Mac Dara 0 vs0 Salthill Devon@Carraroe
Corrib Rangers vs St Bernards@Shantalla
Tuam Celtic vs East Utd@Tuam
2015-02-28FAI Umbro Youth Cup
Salthill Devon 1 vs2 Leeds AFC@Drom
2015-02-28U15 GFA Cup
Bearna Na Forbacha 4 vs2 Moyne Villa@Furbo
Colga 3 vs5 Salthill Devon@Oughterard/Colga
Mac Dara 5 vs3 Galway Hibs@Carraroe
Mervue Utd 4 vs5 Salthill Devon@Mervue
Mervue Utd 7 vs2 Tuam Celtic@Mervue
2015-02-28U15 GFA Shield
Corrib Celtic 4 vs2 Renmore@Annaghdown
2015-02-28Coley Smyth U14 Premier Division
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs0 Mervue Utd@Oranmore
Athenry 3 vs1 Oughterard@Athenry
Moyne Villa 6 vs1 Colga@Headford
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 2 vs0 Salthill Devon@Cregmore
2015-02-28GFA Under 14 Championship
Craughwell United 0 vs3 Kinvara Utd@Craughwell
Salthill Devon 0 vs2 Mervue Utd@Drom
2015-02-28GFA Under 14 Division 2
Bearna Na Forbacha 3 vs2 Ramblers@Furbo
Galway Hibs 5 vs0 Maree/Oranmore@Crestwood
Merlin Woods FC 6 vs1 Tuam Celtic@Doughiska Park
2015-02-28GFA Under 13 Division 2
Cois Fharraige 1 vs1 Salthill Devon@Carraroe
2015-02-28U13 GFA Cup
Knocknacarra 1 vs0 Corofin Utd@Cappagh Park
Bearna Na Forbacha 1 vs4 Tuam Celtic@Furbo
Colga 2 vs1 Maree/Oranmore@Clarinbridge
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 1 vs2 Salthill Devon@Cregmore
Kiltullagh 1 vs4 Loughrea@Kiltullagh
Mervue Utd 4 vs0 Maree/Oranmore@Mervue
Renmore 1 vs6 Craughwell United@Renmore
2015-02-28U13 GFA Shield
Corrib Celtic 2 vs1 Colga@Annaghdown
Mac Dara 1 vs3 Moyne Villa@Carraroe
Kinvara Utd 0 vs3 Tuam Celtic@Kinvara
2015-02-28Billy Fitzgerald Under 12 Premier Division
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 1 vs3 Salthill Devon@Cregmore
Mervue Utd 6 vs2 Galway Hibs@Mervue
2015-02-28GFA Under 12 Championship
Bearna Na Forbacha 1 vs0 Corofin Utd@Furbo
2015-02-28GFA Under 12 Division 2
Kilshanvey Utd 3 vs1 Athenry@Kilconly
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs3 Mervue Utd@Oranmore
Ramblers 0 vs2 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Leitrim
2015-02-28GFA Under 12 Division 3
Craughwell United 1 vs2 Oughterard@Craughwell
Bearna Na Forbacha 0 vs7 Corrib Celtic@Furbo
2015-02-28U12 Colleran Cup
Knocknacarra 3 vs0 St Bernards@Cappagh Park
2015-02-28U12 GFA Shield
Corrib Celtic 4 vs2 Colga@Annaghdown
2015-02-27Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 2
Moyne Villa 1 vs3 West Utd@Headford
2015-02-27Girls U16 Premier League
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 3 vs0 Moyne Villa@Headford
2015-02-27GFA Under 12 Championship
Moyne Villa 0 vs3 Colga@Headford
2015-02-22Michael Byrne Cup 2014/15
St Bernards 1 vs5 Corrib Rangers@Abbeyknockmoy
2015-02-22Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Premier Division
Corofin Utd 2 vs2 St Patricks@Corofin
2015-02-22Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 1
Loughrea 1 vs3 West Utd@Loughrea
2015-02-22Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 2
Kiltullagh 2 vs1 Cois Fharraige@Kiltullagh
Colga 0 vs1 West Coast Utd@Clarinbridge
2015-02-22FAI Umbro Youth Cup
Bohemians 5 vs1 Mervue Utd@TBC
2015-02-22Youths 17/18 GFA Cup
Corrib Celtic 3 vs4 Ramblers@Annaghdown
2015-02-22Girls 17/18 Youths League 2014/15
Colga 1 vs3 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Clarinbridge
Shiven Rovers 2 vs5 Corrib Rangers@Shiven Rovers
2015-02-22SFAI U16
St Kevins Boys 3 vs5 Galway Hibs@St Kevins Boys
2015-02-22U16 GFA Cup
Kinvara Utd 5 vs4 Athenry@Kinvara
Salthill Devon 1 vs2 Salthill Devon@Drom
2015-02-22GFA Under 15 Division 2
Kiltullagh vs Knocknacarra@Kiltullagh
2015-02-22Girls U14 Premier League 2014/15
Athenry vs Corrib Rangers@Athenry
2015-02-22Girls U14 Championship League 2014/15
Mervue Utd 3 vs8 Maree/Oranmore@Mervue
Shiven Rovers 0 vs8 Corrib Celtic@Shiven Rovers
2015-02-22Girls U10 Premier League
Corrib Rangers 2 vs0 Craughwell United@Westside
Salthill Devon 4 vs2 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Drom
2015-02-22Girls U10 Championship
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 0 vs7 Colga@Cregmore
Mervue Utd 5 vs1 Kinvara Utd@Mervue
2015-02-21Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 3
Claregalway 1 vs1 Loughrea@Castle Park
Corrib Rangers 0 vs1 NUI Galway@Laurel Park
Ramblers 0 vs2 Corrib Celtic@Leitrim
Maree/Oranmore 8 vs0 Bearna Na Forbacha@Oranmore
2015-02-21Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 4
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 1 vs0 Galway Bohs@Cregmore
Galway Hibs 2 vs0 Oughterard@Bohermore
Kilshanvey Utd 3 vs3 Colemanstown Utd@Kilconly
West Utd 1 vs0 Kinvara Utd@South Park
2015-02-21Junior Reserve League
Corrib Rangers 4 vs1 Salthill Devon@Shantalla
St Bernards 2 vs1 Mac Dara@Abbeyknockmoy
Tuam Celtic 3 vs0 Bearna Na Forbacha@Tuam
2015-02-21Conn U18 Shield
Ballinrobe Town 4 vs7 Bearna Na Forbacha@TBC
2015-02-21GFA Under 15 Premier Division
Colga 0 vs5 Galway Hibs@Clarinbridge
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs5 Mervue Utd@Oranmore
Oughterard 3 vs2 Knocknacarra@New Village
Salthill Devon 7 vs2 Bearna Na Forbacha@Drom
2015-02-21GFA Under 15 Championship
Craughwell United 2 vs3 Corrib Celtic@Craughwell
Tuam Celtic 3 vs3 St Bernards@Tuam
Moyne Villa 4 vs1 Salthill Devon@Headford
2015-02-21Connacht Cup U14
Maree/Oranmore 2 vs0 Kinvara Utd@Oranmore
2015-02-21U14 GFA Cup
Moyne Villa vs Oughterard@Headford
2015-02-21SFAI U13
Colga 2 vs1 Shamrock Boys@Clarinbridge
2015-02-21Macron Kits U13 Premier Division
Mervue Utd 3 vs2 Athenry@Mervue
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs2 Tuam Celtic@Oranmore
2015-02-21GFA Under 13 Championship
Bearna Na Forbacha vs Colga@Furbo
Corofin Utd 3 vs0 Mervue Utd@Corofin
Kinvara Utd 0 vs4 Tuam Celtic@Kinvara
Renmore 3 vs2 Corrib Celtic@Renmore
2015-02-21GFA Under 13 Division 2
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 3 vs2 Cois Fharraige@Cregmore
Athenry 3 vs2 Moyne Villa@Athenry
Bearna Na Forbacha 2 vs8 Maree/Oranmore@Furbo
Colemanstown Utd 2 vs0 Salthill Devon@Colemanstown
2015-02-21GFA Under 13 Division 3
Loughrea 1 vs2 Oughterard@Loughrea
Mac Dara 2 vs0 Ramblers@Carraroe
West Coast Utd 6 vs0 Kiltullagh@Letterfrack
2015-02-21SFAI U12
Colga 0 vs0 Portlaoise@Clarinbridge
Mervue Utd 4 vs0 Carrick Utd@Mervue
2015-02-21GFA Under 12 Division 4
Salthill Devon 5 vs0 Knocknacarra@Drom
2015-02-21U12 Colleran Cup
Bearna Na Forbacha 3 vs0 Athenry@Furbo
Corofin Utd 4 vs0 Athenry@Corofin
Corrib Celtic 3 vs0 Galway Hibs@Annaghdown
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 1 vs3 Salthill Devon@Cregmore
Oughterard 0 vs6 Maree/Oranmore@New Village
Ramblers 3 vs0 Craughwell United@Leitrim
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 1 vs2 Mervue Utd@Cregmore
2015-02-21U12 GFA Shield
Bearna Na Forbacha 3 vs6 Oughterard@Furbo
Kiltullagh 3 vs1 Renmore@Kiltullagh
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs5 Kilshanvey Utd@Oranmore
2015-02-21U11 Eagles
Athenry 0 vs0 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Cregmore
Craughwell United 0 vs0 Kinvara Utd@Cregmore
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 0 vs0 Renmore@Cregmore
Mervue Utd 0 vs0 Athenry@Cregmore
Ramblers 0 vs0 Craughwell United@Cregmore
Renmore 0 vs0 Kinvara Utd@Cregmore
2015-02-21U10 Lions
Bearna Na Forbacha 0 vs0 Mervue Utd@Cappagh Park
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs0 Tuam Celtic@Cappagh Park
Mervue Utd 0 vs0 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Cappagh Park
Moyne Villa 0 vs0 Knocknacarra@Cappagh Park
Tuam Celtic 0 vs0 Knocknacarra@Cappagh Park
2015-02-21U9 Colts
Moyne Villa 0 vs0 Knocknacarra@Cappagh Park
2015-02-20Youths 17/18 GFA Cup
Athenry 2 vs1 Athenry@Athenry
2015-02-19Girls 17/18 Youths League 2014/15
Shiven Rovers 0 vs3 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Shiven Rovers
2015-02-16GFA Under 15 Championship
Moyne Villa 1 vs2 Tuam Celtic@Headford
2015-02-15Girls U12 Division 1
Corrib Celtic 1 vs0 Salthill Devon@Annaghdown
Kinvara Utd 5 vs0 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Kinvara
2015-02-15Connacht Junior Cup
Corrib Celtic 6 vs4 Calry Bohs@Annaghdown
2015-02-15Joe Ryan Cup 2014/15
Cois Fharraige 3 vs1 Maree/Oranmore@Carraroe
2015-02-15Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Premier Division
Tuam Celtic 0 vs4 Athenry@Tuam
2015-02-15Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 2
Renmore 3 vs3 Galway Bohs@Renmore
2015-02-15Lee Brothers 17/18 Youths Premier
Bearna Na Forbacha 0 vs2 Mervue Utd@Furbo
Galway Hibs 3 vs1 Craughwell United@Bohermore
2015-02-15GFA 17/18 Youths Championship
Knocknacarra 1 vs4 Kinvara Utd@Cappagh Park
Maree/Oranmore 7 vs0 Tuam Celtic@Oranmore
Colemanstown Utd 2 vs3 Oughterard@Colemanstown
2015-02-15Galway 17/18 Youths Div 2
Moyne Villa 5 vs0 Corofin Utd@Headford
2015-02-1517/18 Youths GFA Shield
Bearna Na Forbacha 4 vs1 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Barna
2015-02-15GFA U16 Premier Division
Bearna Na Forbacha 3 vs7 Salthill Devon@Furbo
Corrib Celtic 3 vs1 St Bernards@Annaghdown
Mervue Utd 3 vs0 Maree/Oranmore@Mervue
2015-02-15GFA Under 16 Championship
Athenry 0 vs1 Knocknacarra@Athenry
Moyne Villa 2 vs4 Craughwell United@Headford
Tuam Celtic 1 vs3 Salthill Devon@Tuam
2015-02-15GFA U16 Division 2
Oughterard 0 vs8 Athenry@New Village
Mervue Utd 3 vs4 Maree/Oranmore@Mervue
2015-02-15Girls U16 Premier League
Oughterard 0 vs5 Salthill Devon@New Village
Moyne Villa 0 vs1 Corrib Rangers@Headford
2015-02-15U14 GFA Shield
Tuam Celtic 7 vs2 Galway Hibs@Tuam
2015-02-15Girls U12 Premier
Athenry 5 vs2 Colga@Athenry
Corrib Rangers 2 vs0 Craughwell United@Westside
Oughterard 3 vs0 Salthill Devon@New Village
2015-02-15Girls U12 Championship
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 0 vs5 Kiltullagh@Cregmore
2015-02-14FAI Umbro Oscar Traynor Trophy 2014/15
Wexford Football League 6 vs5 Galway FA@Wexford Football League
2015-02-14Lillis Cup 2014/15
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 2 vs1 Kilshanvey Utd@Cregmore
Oughterard 0 vs2 Galway Hibs@New Village
2015-02-14Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 3
NUI Galway 5 vs3 Loughrea@Mervue - All Weather
2015-02-14Junior Reserve League
East Utd 0 vs2 Renmore@Castle Park
2015-02-14Lee Brothers 17/18 Youths Premier
Moyne Villa 4 vs4 Salthill Devon@Headford
2015-02-14SFAI U14
North End United 0 vs1 Mervue Utd@North End United
2015-02-14Coley Smyth U14 Premier Division
Salthill Devon 3 vs2 Moyne Villa@Drom
Oughterard 2 vs5 Maree/Oranmore@New Village
2015-02-14GFA Under 14 Championship
Mervue Utd 2 vs1 West Coast Utd@Mervue
Renmore 4 vs0 Craughwell United@Renmore
2015-02-14GFA Under 14 Division 2
Athenry 2 vs4 Knocknacarra@Athenry
Maree/Oranmore 1 vs1 Bearna Na Forbacha@Oranmore
Ramblers 2 vs4 Merlin Woods FC @Leitrim
Tuam Celtic 2 vs3 Corrib Celtic@Tuam
2015-02-14U14 GFA Shield
Knocknacarra vs Kilshanvey Utd@Cappagh Park
2015-02-14U13 GFA Cup
Cois Fharraige 1 vs5 Athenry@Carraroe
2015-02-14SFAI U13 Inter League
Galway League 1 vs2 Mayo League@Galway League
2015-02-14Connacht Shield U12
Kilshanvey Utd 3 vs1 UCL Harps @Kilconly
2015-02-14Billy Fitzgerald Under 12 Premier Division
Athenry 2 vs2 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Athenry
Galway Hibs 0 vs4 Tuam Celtic@Bohermore
Maree/Oranmore 1 vs1 Mervue Utd@Oranmore
Salthill Devon 3 vs0 Knocknacarra@Drom
2015-02-14GFA Under 12 Championship
Colga 3 vs2 Renmore@Clarinbridge
Craughwell United 4 vs3 Moyne Villa@Craughwell
Oughterard 1 vs2 Bearna Na Forbacha@New Village
2015-02-14GFA Under 12 Division 2
Athenry 5 vs4 Salthill Devon@Athenry
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 3 vs1 Maree/Oranmore@Cregmore
Mervue Utd 2 vs1 Ramblers@Mervue
2015-02-14GFA Under 12 Division 3
Colga 4 vs0 Moyne Villa@Clarinbridge
Corrib Celtic 3 vs0 Craughwell United@Annaghdown
Knocknacarra 1 vs1 Tuam Celtic@Cappagh Park
Oughterard 6 vs3 Bearna Na Forbacha@New Village
2015-02-14GFA Under 12 Division 4
Athenry 2 vs0 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Athenry
Kiltullagh 0 vs1 St Bernards@Kiltullagh
Maree/Oranmore 4 vs1 Mervue Utd@Maree
Salthill Devon 1 vs6 Loughrea@Drom
2015-02-11GFA Under 15 Premier Division
Mervue Utd 2 vs0 Colga@Mervue
2015-02-08Connacht Junior Cup
Cloonfad Utd vs Ramblers@TBC
2015-02-08Connacht Junior Shield
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 1 vs2 Kiltullagh@Cregmore
2015-02-08Michael Byrne Cup 2014/15
Knocknacarra 0 vs3 Salthill Devon@Cappagh Park
West Utd 2 vs0 NUI Galway@South Park
2015-02-08Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Premier Division
Mervue Utd 2 vs2 Tuam Celtic@Mervue
2015-02-08Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 1
Loughrea 2 vs0 Mervue Utd@Loughrea
2015-02-08Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 2
Cois Fharraige 2 vs2 Moyne Villa@Carraroe
Medtronic 1 vs2 West Coast Utd@Roscam
2015-02-08Connacht Cup U18
Moyne Villa 9 vs8 Maree/Oranmore@Headford
2015-02-08Conn U18 Shield
Craughwell United 5 vs2 Colemanstown Utd@Craughwell
Knocknacarra 4 vs1 Corrib Rangers@Cappagh Park
2015-02-08GFA 17/18 Youths Championship
Mervue Utd 2 vs3 Corrib Celtic@Mervue
2015-02-08Galway 17/18 Youths Div 2
Athenry 0 vs2 Craughwell United@Athenry
2015-02-08Girls 17/18 Youths League 2014/15
Corrib Rangers 0 vs0 Craughwell United@Laurel Park
Salthill Devon 8 vs2 Colga@Drom
2015-02-08Connacht Cup U16
Galway Hibs 2 vs1 Salthill Devon@Bohermore
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs1 Manulla @Oranmore
2015-02-08Connacht Shield U16
Corrib Celtic 3 vs1 Salthill Devon@Annaghdown
Tuam Celtic 3 vs0 Ballina Town @Tuam
2015-02-08GFA U16 Division 2
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 0 vs0 Ramblers@Cregmore
2015-02-08Connacht Shield U14
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 4 vs0 Straide and Foxford @Cregmore
Melveiw Celtic 3 vs0 Galway Hibs@Melveiw Celtic
2015-02-08Girls U14 Premier League 2014/15
Corrib Rangers 2 vs5 Colga@Shantalla
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 4 vs0 Athenry@Cregmore
Moyne Villa 0 vs4 Craughwell United@Headford
2015-02-08Girls U14 Championship League 2014/15
Kiltullagh 0 vs2 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Kiltullagh
Shiven Rovers 1 vs5 Maree/Oranmore@Shiven Rovers
2015-02-08Connacht Shield U12
Ballinasloe Town 1 vs3 Craughwell United@TBC
2015-02-08Girls U10 Premier League
Craughwell United 1 vs5 Salthill Devon@Craughwell
Cregmore/Claregalway FC 4 vs1 Colga@Cregmore
Oughterard 4 vs1 Maree/Oranmore@New Village
2015-02-08Girls U10 Championship
Athenry 3 vs2 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Athenry
Colga 0 vs7 Mervue Utd@Clarinbridge
2015-02-07Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 3
Maree/Oranmore 3 vs1 Mac Dara@Jesuits
2015-02-07Western Hygiene Supplies Junior Division 4
Athenry 0 vs2 Galway Hibs@Athenry
West Utd 2 vs2 Colemanstown Utd@South Park
Oughterard 1 vs2 Kinvara Utd@New Village
2015-02-07Junior Reserve League
Mac Dara 1 vs15 Corrib Rangers@Carraroe
2015-02-07FAI Umbro Youth Inter League Cup 2014/15
Donegal District League 1 vs2 Galway FA@Donegal District League
2015-02-07Connacht Cup U16
Iorras Aontaithe 1 vs3 Mervue Utd@TBC
2015-02-07Connacht Shield U16
Yeats Utd 1 vs5 Bearna Na Forbacha@TBC
Claremorris 0 vs1 Knocknacarra@TBC
2015-02-07FAI Umbro Girls U16 Challenge
Salthill Devon 4 vs3 Killarney Celtic@Drom
2015-02-07GFA Under 15 Premier Division
Galway Hibs 0 vs1 Athenry@Crestwood
Knocknacarra 1 vs2 Salthill Devon@Cappagh Park
2015-02-07GFA Under 15 Championship
Renmore 1 vs2 Tuam Celtic@Renmore
Salthill Devon 2 vs2 Craughwell United@Drom
2015-02-07GFA Under 15 Division 2
Athenry 6 vs1 Colga@Athenry
Mac Dara 7 vs0 Mervue Utd@Carraroe
Moyne Villa 3 vs0 Kilshanvey Utd@Headford
West Coast Utd 0 vs6 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Letterfrack
2015-02-07U15 GFA Cup
Oughterard 0 vs4 Colga@New Village
2015-02-07Connacht Cup U14
Maree/Oranmore 1 vs0 Strand Celtic @Oranmore
Mervue Utd 3 vs0 Castlerea Celtic @Mervue
2015-02-07GFA Under 14 Division 2
Merlin Woods FC 1 vs1 Maree/Oranmore@Doughiska Park
2015-02-07Macron Kits U13 Premier Division
Athenry 3 vs3 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Athenry
Craughwell United 0 vs3 Mervue Utd@Craughwell
Knocknacarra 1 vs1 Tuam Celtic@Cappagh Park
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs3 Colga@Oranmore
2015-02-07GFA Under 13 Championship
Mervue Utd 0 vs2 Bearna Na Forbacha@Mervue
Knocknacarra 0 vs5 Corofin Utd@Cappagh Park
Tuam Celtic 1 vs1 Moyne Villa@Tuam
Colga 3 vs2 Renmore@Clarinbridge
Corrib Celtic 2 vs4 Salthill Devon@Annaghdown
2015-02-07GFA Under 13 Division 2
Cois Fharraige 5 vs0 Bearna Na Forbacha@Carraroe
Salthill Devon 0 vs1 Athenry@Drom
Maree/Oranmore 0 vs3 Cregmore/Claregalway FC@Maree
Moyne Villa vs Colemanstown Utd@Colemanstown
2015-02-07GFA Under 13 Division 3
Oughterard 5 vs0 Mac Dara@New Village
Ramblers 3 vs4 Loughrea@Leitrim
2015-02-07Connacht Cup U12
Bearna Na Forbacha 2 vs4 Melveiw Celtic@Furbo
Castlebar Celtic 1 vs0 Salthill Devon@TBC
Mervue Utd 4 vs1 St Josephs @Mervue
2015-02-07Connacht Shield U12
Conn Rangers 5 vs0 Salthill Devon@TBC
St Bernards 2 vs0 Ardagh@Abbeyknockmoy
2015-02-06GFA Under 15 Championship
Corrib Celtic 1 vs2 Moyne Villa@Headford

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